Life Lately

Life lately

  Oh Lordy has it been a week y'all. When I became a stay at home mom, I knew there were a lot of things I would need. Like yoga pants, a million dollar Starbucks gift card and a good hoodie. What I didn't think I would need? A calendar, or three to be exact. Or an emergency "craft kit" to keep in my car of all places. These are things that never crossed my mind, but then again being on every PTA committee ever, never crossed my mind as well. But alas here I am, on alllll the PTA Continue Reading

I am being stalked by Benedict Cumberbatch

I am being stalked by

Okay, that title is a little dramatic. But hey, I'm a dramatic kinda gal. But seriously? That's what it feels like, that the long faced Brit is stalking me. It all started a few weeks ago when I noticed that BC looks a lot like the shark from Finding Nemo. I mean come on, y'all know I'm right. I texted this to Meg calling it a #SharkAttack (yup, hashtag in a text #basicwhitegirl). The next day the creepy started, literally everywhere I looked I would see this man. It seemed like every Continue Reading

5 Fall Favorite Things

Fall faves

So, Meg had this great idea to collab with some awesome chicks to do a vlog of our favorite things. So duh, I did it. It's below for y'all. In true Katie style I ramble, get ADD, forget things (which I think is part of ADD?) give an Ebola update, and just talk loud in general. Oh yea, and talk about my favorite stuff. Yay! Be sure to check out the video and the other ladies as well!! Meg: | Continue Reading