My New Hobby


First off, let me say, I'm by no means a pro. Clear? Good! Yea, I'm another Mom with a DSLR. I'm not going to start my own business, I don't like people and don't want to take pictures of them. I like dogs, and I like birds, and I like my people, I will take pictures of them. But for now? I'm still learning. I got really lucky, and when my bestie upgraded her camera, I bought the body from her, it's just the starter Canon Rebel. Here's where the real luck came in. My Church was offering a free … [Read more...]



I have never had a bucketlist before. It's just not something I ever thought of to do. Last night while I was laying in bed I was thinking about all the stuff I want to do, and realized, wait, I do have one! I also realized I think I am waaaayyyy more of an outdoors gal than I really am. I feel like most of the stuff on my list could happen, some might require some major negotiation with J since he's all about the heat and I'm all about the cold. This is more of a lifetime goal, not a "I gotta … [Read more...]