5 Fall Favorite Things

Fall faves

So, Meg had this great idea to collab with some awesome chicks to do a vlog of our favorite things. So duh, I did it. It's below for y'all. In true Katie style I ramble, get ADD, forget things (which I think is part of ADD?) give an Ebola update, and just talk loud in general. Oh yea, and talk about my favorite stuff. Yay! Be sure to check out the video and the other ladies as well!!   http://youtu.be/PYvOrhJkJ-g Meg: http://www.megoonthego.com | Continue Reading

7 Second Challenge


Today, Meg and I bring you the 7 Second Challenge tag. It's harder than you think, trust me! Especially after we had already talked about it the other night at dinner. It was hard coming up with questions too! I also have NO IDEA what is going on with my hair or with my face during this video lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0Nt61Z91mk&feature=youtu.be Continue Reading

The BEST chocolate + pumpkin bread


Like everyone else in America, we have gotten the pumpkin bug in our house. I have managed to hold off on doing all the fall things until it cooled off outside, I just can't handle it all plus 100+ degree weather. Finally we got our first real cold front thru. Here it is the middle of the day and I have my a/c off and all the window open, and feeling slightly chilly to boot. So duh, I made bread. Pumpkin bread of course. Then I kicked it up a notch and added chocolate. This is a recipe that has Continue Reading