Some might call it an obsession.

I love cell phones. It’s no secret. My friends know this and make fun of me for it. It’s how my love of gadgetry started. When someone tells me they got a new phone, I HAVE to play with it. Yea, it’s rude, but I am a junkie looking for a fix. Nothing annoys me more when people say “it’s the blue one, by T-Mobile”. NO, it’s SO MUCH more than that.

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A while back Zach Braff posted this picture on Facebook. It has inspired this post. Sadly, I don’t have a drawer full of phones, but I do have google image search.

Let us start from when I first signed with T-Mobile in June of 2007 shall we?

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The Sidekick ID
This phone was, well, crap. Hard to use, bad reception. I was disappointed with it all together. It was my first phone with a QWERTY keyboard. It was good for texting and that was about it. I never understood how Perez Hilton ran his site from that damn thing. I took it back within my 14 days. Which leads us too….

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The HTC Dash
This phone was also crap. I am rough on phones, but not so rough that I go threw T-Mobiles “3 chances and then a new phone” policy. Every phone had a different problem. From the screen just going out, to constant errors to draining the battery. I told them to keep it.

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The Blackberry 8700
This is where my love affair with BlackBerry started. I LOVE me some RIM. This was a GREAT phone, no it didn’t have a camera, but I had a digital and it was easy to load pictures on it. I was about to get on the internet, and pretty fast. It was a great happy little phone. So much so someone had to steal it from me, out of my purse at Space Center Houston. ON the day of J’s surprise birthday party. Freakin A.

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The Nokia 6131
If I ever go back to a standard phone it would be this one. Had a great camera and battery life. Was very easy to use and had a tough outer shell (rubber). When people are looking for non-PDA phones I will always recommend this one.

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The BlackBerry 8900
It’s a good little Berry, not my favorite of the bunch, but still good. I have issues with the roller ball, I have hyerhidrosis of the hands (sexy huh?). And that caused some problems. The screen resolution is great, AWESOME camera. I only needed my digital for those far off shots. And it has an external memory.

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G1 Android
J and I will trade phones back and forth a lot, this was one of the trades. It was okay, I am sure it has gotten better since Android is more mainstream now. It just wasn’t for me. I might go back to an Android some day, but chances are I would get an Iphone first.

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BlackBerry Curve 8300
J and I had traded back, he got back his Android, and I got the BlackBerry 8900 back. Until J lost the Android. He got the BlackBerry 8300 from one of his friends, so I ended up with that and he got the BlackBerry 8900 back. Confusing? Yea, I know, I lived it. The 8300 was a good phone, it was hard to go from a 8900 to the 8300, the screen was much different, slower, not as much memory. It was a very good phone, I would recommend it to someone if they want something basic. It started having major problems (I was it’s third owner after all) so now it’s PD’s BlackBerry. Yes, you can tell PD to bring you his BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry Bold
This is my baby y’all. I love this phone. I can do ANYTHING with it. I am pretty sure I could put the shuttle in orbit with just a few clicks. The best part of this phone-lack of trackball! It has a touch pad, which works great for me. I have had no problems with it (well, the touch pad). I did have some network issues with it, but I have since gotten that worked out. It is hands down the best phone I have had.

Yea, that’s a lot of phones! And if the rumors are true about T-Mobile filing bankruptcy (I haven’t had a chance to research this yet), chances are I will be getting another new phone. We have been looking for an excuse to go to AT&T since J get’s a discount. If T-Mobile will go to Verizon, I will make that jump. I love Verizon, they have some of the best CS and I am kicking my butt for not staying with them!

So, tell me about your phones, like I said, I am a gadget freak so I LOVE this kinda talk.

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  • Amy Drinkie

    July 13, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    I recently got a Samsung Intensity in Ho Red – I mean Flamingo Red! I don’t have a data pkg or anything fancy b/c I’m usually home where there is already WiFi, or out somewhere with a hotspot where I can hook up via iPod Touch. I’m too much of a cheapass to pay for the data plans.

  • Meg O.

    July 13, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    Seriously. It was like each month you had a new phone. I think the one you currently have is the longest I’ve seen you with a phone. I wish you would have started back when you first got a cell phone because it is truly a wonder to behold! But, what, you’ve only been with T-Mobile since 2007? ‘Cause… I def remember you using the sidekick when we were in MA for Caitlin’s wedding. That’s a lot of damn phones.

  • Kristin

    July 13, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    I’m also a phone lover!!! I have the blackberry pearl flip in pink right now and I am dying to get a new one. This phone is driving me nuts! I text/BBM way too much and the buttons are starting to not work. This is the second phone I’ve done that with. Sadly my cell company just changed their rules to 2 years before I can get a discounted upgrade so I’m stuck for at least another 6 months.

    I do think that my friend has actually had more then you. I think he’s had 6 in the past year I’ve known him.

  • Meg O.

    July 13, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    I was saying that yes, you had the sidekick in 07 and thinking “Wow, that’s a crap load of phones since 2007” and didn’t realize that you put in the post that you’ve been with T-Mobile since 07. Whoops… sorry, that was confusing.


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