{Guest Post} You Always Remember Your First Time

I have a special treat for y’all today! The awesome Jenn from When In Doubt, Add More Salt is guest posting! Her blog is filled with awesome, you should check it out asap. She is also one of the H-Town Bloggers and a awesome twitter buddy. What I am really saying is you should be counting yourself luck that you are getting to read her amazing in one more place ūüôā And how adorable is her family? Mental note, I need to set up a play date soon!¬†
If you would like to guest post on my blog, shoot me a email! Katie@TheNerdyKatie.com
No, my friends, we aren’t going there this morning, but…

HI! This is my first ever guest post! I was super excited when Katie asked for some guest bloggers and figured I’d throw myself out there! So, hi (again), I’m¬†Jenn, ¬†just met Katie at our Houston Bloggers meet-up, and I’m so glad I did. She’s so fun! And I haven’t met her kiddo yet, but he’s super cute. Don’t you agree?

I like being in the kitchen (cooking and baking, not cleaning, of course), running (in whatever small doses I can get), reading, singing in the shower, receiving/giving greeting cards, and of course, journeying through the world of bloggers meeting new faces.

Speaking of blogging? My post today is about ruts, and in particular, bloggin’ ruts. Some of you are hard core, and this would NEVER happen to you. But some of you totally get me on this. You wake up (or you’ve been up), and you want to write. Nothing there. No inspiration. Nothing funny, nothing sappy, just nothing.¬†

You could find a linkup. OR you can use one of the ideas below and have posts for a few days (and even weeks!). And you can thank me later for passing on some of these great bloggers too! ūüôā

¬†I’m hoping to partake myself in one or some of these, and if you do, be sure to check back in and let us know. Ready….Set…Geaux! (Yep, I’m Cajun, and we like to jack up our spellings sometimes.)

1. ¬†Go say hi to Tara and check out¬†10 Meaningful Snapshots. Who doesn’t love life through the lens?

2. Next stop is Allie who is working on the¬†10 Day You Challenge. Ten days–completely do-able right?¬†

3. Ten posts not enough? Go back and visit Tara and take on your own 30 Day Challenge. 

4. And finally, a little bit of reflection. Check out an example of the 7 Links Project and then peruse through your own past posts and make fun of yourself, be proud of yourself, but mostly, love yourself! 
(Sorry, I get cheeseballs!)

5. If all else fails, make a damn list already! 

And just in case you think this post has been total crap, I give you….

I was skeptical. It’s got greenery in it, but it is full of awesome!¬†

Make this. Tonight, and grab a bag of chips and get to blogging. 

  • 1¬†lb Velveeta Mexican Cheese (original will do just fine, too)
  • 12¬†ounces cream cheese
  • 1 can ro-tel
  • 1¬†bunch green onions, tops only, chopped¬†(to taste), optional
  • 1-2 jalapenos, seeded and chopped¬†(to taste)
  • 2-3 fresh garlic cloves, minced
  • 1/2¬†bunch cilantro, chopped¬†(to taste)
  • black pepper, cracked
Melt cheeses together in microwave or on stove top.  Stir in all other ingredients.   Serve warm with tortilla chips.  (You can put cheese dip in a crock pot and keep on warm to keep cheese dip from getting sticky.)
Now you have to like me. ūüôā

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