Book Swap Time!

My awesome sister in bookworm-dom, Heather from Blonde Undercover Blonde and I are hosting our first annual book swap! The rules are this are simple. You fill out the little form, we pair you up with someone, email you who you got, and y’all converse about swapping books!

Heather and I recommend setting up a Amazon wishlist so you get what you want and not some moldy old book that has been sitting around in someones bathroom (yuck!) We will do our best to match you up with someone who has similar book reading styles, like both of y’all have e-readers. The spending limit is $15 dollars, please try to adbide by it. The deadline to sign up is this Friday. We will email you ASAP to give you your matches, then the ball is in your court. You have two weeks to get your books out to your partner. If for some reason you do not recive your book, or any communication from your partner please email me at and let me know. Also, if you plan on being a asshole and not sending out a book, don’t bother signing up please. You will get called out on your asshole ways! On January 30th we will have a link up where everyone can show off the books they received!

If this sounds like the most fun in the world to you (and really, why wouldn’t it?) sign up below! Happy swapping!

****The swap is now closed to new entries***


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