I NEED a vacation!

I honestly can’t remember the last time I went on one. We go to Dallas a lot to visit family, but I wouldn’t consider that a vacation. Right now school is kicking my ass, my child is kicking my ass, and my dog is kicking my ass. So I need to kick my ass out of Texas and somewhere nice and tranquil. I am not not a beach person. I find sand gross and I am not a fan of water, sure I will chase my kid out of it, but ocean water is gross. Fish fart in the ocean, I don’t want to swim in fart.

I really want to go to Alaska, I will someday! I have no idea what my obsession with Alaska is, it might have to do with the fact that I watch an abnormal amount of Northern Exposure as a child.

Oh Antarctica! I would go there with my Mom, she had the opportunity to go, all expenses paid when I was in high school for 6 weeks and didn’t. So I kinda owe her I guess?

Source: google.com via Katie on Pinterest

Ireland, the land of my people that I didn’t know were my people until 2007.

And of course France! And I would like to stay in this little house please. Actually, can I just please live there? Thanks!

Source: flickr.com via Abby on Pinterest

So, if you could go anywhere in the world, money is no object, where would you go?


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    I went to Dublin this past December and it was a really great experience. Was only there a week, so I plan on going back soon. Definitely go if you have the chance.

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    I am right there with you on needing a vacation! I’d definitely love to visit Ireland or Scotland. Or France. Or England. Basically anywhere outside of the US. Should we plan our trip now??

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    I’d go everywhere!! That’s my dream actually, to travel the world. I want to see Australia, Italy, Ireland, England, Brazil, wherever the Aurora Borealis is, Morocco, Greece, and a gazillion other places. Maybe I should’ve been a travel photographer. ;P

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