Fun with our phones Monday!

I am linking up with my blog turned IRL friend Savanah today to show you the good on my phone 🙂

My “Hangover” moment, taking The Toddler & BabyO to the park.

I got to sleep in late one day, and literally woke up to this. He was really proud of putting on my make up.

My typical day with The Toddler & BabyO

We walked down to NASA to watch the Morphus rocket launch!

The Toddler thought it was to loud. 

Some iPad time with Maddie. The tummy sticking out KILLS me.

My Val Kilmer shirt came in!

Caitlin went country & is driving the big truck!

She also got dogpiled by children

The Easter bunny came!

I woke up to this <3
Took advantage of my Ulta coupon

The Toddler went on a Molly ride.


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